Preparing Together Training

The planning tool used in this program contains data such as contact and medical information, emergency plans and important documents. The planning tool can be hung on a refrigerator or metal cabinet for easy access for emergency personnel. This booklet is available in English, Spanish and, in limited quantity; there is material for the sight impaired as well.

The Preparing Together Trainer and Volunteer Guide is the material used in training volunteers how to implement the program within their circle of influence. This easy to read workbook contains all the information for you to train volunteers in providing assistance to seniors and people with disabilities.

Download The Free Training Materials

Download Participant Guide

Download Presentation in English

Download Presentation in Spanish

Preparing Together Participant Guide

Participant Guide

Download the Preparing Together Participant Guide and work with a group to go through the material together.

Preparing Together Presentations


Download the PowerPoint presentations and work with a group to go through the material together. The presentations are available in both English and Spanish.

Preparing Together Video Training

Video Training

Watch the 60 minute training video and download the Preparing Together Planning Tool Instructional Guide (both are free and available on this site).

Watch The Full Training Video For Preparing Together

Preparing Together Training vimeo play